Bahrenfeld Forum

The Bahrenfeld Forum was founded to enable people to have a direct and intensive exchange with those with knowledge and responsibility. In September 2020, the 1st Bahrenfeld Forum on the new construction of the PETRA IV X-ray microscope was held as a general kick-off for information and discussion of the core scientific project. This was an important starting point for the subsequent stages of planning and participation.

The 2nd Bahrenfeld Forum in August 2021 pursued the goal of introducing a broader public to the topic of knowledge-based urban development, which is still little known outside of professional discourse.

1st Bahrenfeld Forum
The communication kick-off

The 1st Bahrenfeld Forum marked the start of a broad communication and participation process for the overall Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld project. The panel event held on September 2, 2020, mainly online, consisted of four short presentations and a subsequent Q&A and discussion session with guests on site and via live chat, with almost 2,000 participants online. The topics were the new construction of the PETRA IV X-ray microscope and its structural integration into Science City, as well as the further development of Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld as a whole.

In addition, information was provided on the planned amendment of the land-use plan and the landscape program in this area. The entire event was broadcast live on the internet from the lower story of the harness racing track grandstand and streamed via this page.

Panelists and interlocutors in the front row were: Dr Stefanie von Berg (Head of the Altona District Office), Prof. Helmut Dosch (Chairman DESY Directorate), Prof. Christian Schroer (Project Manager PETRA IV, DESY), Holger Djürken-Karnatz (Head of the A7 freeway roof project group, Ministry for Urban Development and Housing), Prof. Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg (Managing Director Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld GmbH), Dr Rolf Greve (Head of the Office for Research, Ministry for Science, Research, Equality and Districts), Hans Gabányi (Head of the Office for Nature Conservation, Green Planning and Energy, Ministry for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture) and Johannes Gerdelmann (Head of the Department for Economy, Construction and Environment, Altona District Administration).

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2nd Bahrenfeld Forum
What is knowledge-based urban development?

The 2nd Bahrenfeld Forum was dedicated to Science City from a metaperspective: what does “knowledge-based urban development” actually mean and how do such developments manifest themselves in other places? During a public panel discussion, perspectives and added values were clarified, but challenges were also highlighted.

Discussing the issues were:

  • Prof. Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, Science City Hamburg GmbH:
    Welcome and introduction
  • Presentation of the panel
  • Short inputs on the following key questions
    • Julian Weyer, C.F. Møller Architects:
      University and Research as Part of the City
    • Prof. Michael Braum, IBA Heidelberg:
      Creating knowledge-based urban development as a process
    • Prof. Thorsten Erl, metris architekten + stadtplaner:
      Strengthening sustainable development through transdisciplinary transformative
      research. The example of “Reallabor Stadt-Raum-Bildung”.
  • Panel discussion
  • Question and answer session
  • Dr Andreas Kleinau, Science City Hamburg GmbH:
    Summary and outlook for the further participation process

Moderation: Dr Anne Schreiter

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