The people’s Science City

In the future, Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld will combine top international research, university education, innovative companies and lively residential quarters to create a new urban space covering 125 hectares. This consists of several subareas that merge spatially and in terms of content: a main scientific development area around the DESY accelerator center, parts of the University of Hamburg and other renowned institutes, an innovation and technology center, and a mixed-use lively neighborhood with a residential focus.

The entire area will be linked by a new infrastructure, attractive open spaces and by connecting new living and working environments with the existing neighborhoods of the Bahrenfeld and Lurup districts. People and institutions in the surrounding area are actively involved in the entire process and have been participating intensively in the overall development from an early stage.

Cooperation agreement

To ensure a close-knit exchange with the district administration, the Altona district office, the Altona district assembly and Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld GmbH signed a cooperation agreement in September 2020. In this agreement, the parties involved commit themselves to comprehensive cooperation on the overall Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld project.

Among other things, it was agreed to create extensive transparency, to exchange information, and to promote joint opinion-forming and decision-making.

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Special committee

As part of the cooperation agreement, it was agreed to set up a special district committee on Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld that meets monthly. The special committee brings together all issues related to Science City development at the district policy level and closely follows the overall process.

It addresses all overriding urban planning issues triggered by Science City Bahrenfeld GmbH and discusses individual planning steps, poses factual questions and deals with building applications thematically. The members come from within the district assembly, while Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld GmbH appoints permanent expert representatives.

Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld GmbH regularly reports to the special committee on Science City development issues with sufficient advance notice in writing and comments on current issues at the meetings.

All reports of Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld GmbH and other printed matter are publicly available here.

The Bahrenfeld Forum

In September 2020, the 1st Bahrenfeld Forum on the new construction of the PETRA IV X-ray microscope took place as a general kick-off for information and discussion of the core scientific project. The event was an important starting point for the subsequent stages of planning and participation.

The 2nd Bahrenfeld Forum in August 2021 pursued the goal of introducing a broader public to the topic of knowledge-based urban development, which has been little known outside of professional discourse. This was followed by several weeks of online participation.

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In-depth participation

As a next development step, an urban open space planning competition will be held for the areas of the current harness racing track and the allotments south of Schulgartenweg and Holstenkamp. A three-week online survey and three subsequent public workshops were used to work with local people to develop revision notes and review requests for the process.

The focus was on perspectives, ideas and suggestions, which were given to the participating planning offices as a test assignment. The process was comprehensively documented and transparently supported.

The online survey ran until September 1, 2021 and thematically introduced the three public workshops. These took place from the end of August to the beginning of September 2021.

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Theme workshops

At the end of August to the beginning of September 2021, three Science City workshops were held with experts, stakeholders from the neighborhood and interested citizens from Hamburg. The reason for this is the upcoming urban and open space planning qualification of the current target image for the development area Trabrennbahn/Holstenkamp.

Relevant topics for revision were discussed and revision notes were formulated. This information is directly incorporated into the competition announcement for the planning offices.

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Here is the photo documentation of the work tables.

Workshop 1: Science City of Neighborhoods
Wednesday, 25.08.2021, from 18:00, EG Trotting Track Bahrenfeld


Workshop 2: Science City – Knowledge, Work, Life
Tuesday, 31.08.2021, from 18:00, EG Trotting track Bahrenfeld


Workshop 3: Science City – Reaching and Networking
Thursday, 02.09.2021, from 18:00, EG Trotting track Bahrenfeld

Children and youth workshops

End of October 2021 addressedten the participation formats for the first time directly Children and teenagers. In two workshops in the rooms of the Infocenter Science City on Albert-Einstein-Ring were children between 8 and 12 and young people from 12 to young adulthood were were encouraged to and to work together on the topic of urban development.toapproach.

The formats took place in cooperation with Margot Reinig from the Kl!ck Children’s Museum as part of the Altona Diversity Week. took place.

In the children’s format it was about a playful confrontation with the topic of urban development. In joint discussions and in creative craft groups, children’s demands on their environment were worked out together. Dhe resulting colorful city models are currently on display at the Infocenter Science City and are will be subsequently at the Kl!ck Children’s Museum at be on display.

Di young people In small groups, they mapped the Science City area and went with the support of an app(#stadtsache). der question, which places are especially for young people like qualified can be.

Just like the findings from the public workshops and the online survey, the from the children’s and youth workshops are also in the competition selection.

In the run-up intensively on site at the principals of the primary and secondary schools advertised the events and notes at the muliplikator:innen of the Workers’ Samaritan Federation, of the local youth clubs, des ev.-luth. Kirchenwerk, the Greater City Mission, the Luthergemeinde, of the Q8, the district assembly and of the district office placed.

Documentation children workshop

Documentation youth workshop

Next steps

The results of the online survey as well as the three workshops and the children’s and youth workshops will be made available as part of the planning task to the participants of the urban and landscape planning competition for the neighborhoods at Volkspark.